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Real Action Roleplay


Real Action Roleplay


Real Action Roleplay

Thank you for your help in preparing for my promotion interview as, at last, I have passed!! I didn't realise how much emphasis was placed on body language during an interview prior to our coaching session. …even when under pressure in the interview I could recall the tips and guidance learnt during the coaching session. Thank you very much for your help"

Chris Regan

Thanks to you and all your role-players for the vulnerable witnesses course. The feedback from the students was excellent"

Government Organisation

…the actors were invaluable and made the scenarios credible"

Government Organisation

Our Services

Forum Theatre

Forum Theatre is a creative way for a group of trainees to work together.

The actors will create and ‘act out’ business simulations for the group to watch. The participants are then given time to workshop the scene, discussing how the situation may have been handled better, commenting on behaviours and giving ideas on how a superior conclusion could be reached.

The actors can then re-work the scene until the participants are happy.

For an employee, seeing a common business situation being brought to life in front of them is extremely beneficial as they have the opportunity to look at what is happening objectively. This format also gives the trainees invaluable time to talk to their colleagues about how they would handle a situation differently and exchange some ideas.

We are more than happy and qualified to script the necessary and relevant business scenarios for Forum Theatre training.


Roleplay in training is essential as it’s the closest a person can get to practicing a real-life situation in a risk-free learning environment. Actor Factory Productions will provide you with professional roleplay actors to ensure that those key simulations are realistic and therefore beneficial.

We’ve found that a lot of companies use their own employees for roleplay training so, why use professional actors?

  • The participant will not know the actors personally. This helps to create a realistic and stimulating situation, soliciting natural responses from the participant

  • Actors are trained to portray different emotions at will, which is difficult, if not impossible if untrained. The participants won’t feel as if the scenario is contrived and will be able to concentrate solely on their performance.

  • By employing our company to support your training and assessment needs, we remove time consuming activities from your own organisation, allowing you to utilise your own staff more effectively.

  • Actor Factory Productions actors are chosen for their improvisation skills. They are able to deal with anything that is thrown at them and stay in ‘character’ throughout whatever the situation and circumstance. Because of these skills they are able to steer a roleplay to a certain conclusion.

  • We only employ actors who have a good knowledge of business and real-life situations, enabling them to convincingly act out the parts in a business environment.

  • The service we provide can become an integral part of your training and assessment programme. You still have complete control of your programme, and we will comply with your briefs and schedules.

  • We are happy to offer quality feedback afterwards as to how the ‘character’ felt in the situation which is invaluable for the participants.

Events and Conferences

Actors are trained to stand up in front of people whether it’s 6 or 600, and speak confidently, captivating an audience. If you don’t have the unique skills required to be a charismatic and motivational speaker then let one of our presenters deliver your speech for you. Our actors and presenters come from corporate backgrounds so have the necessary experience to deliver speeches of a business nature.

Actors can learn ‘lines’ quickly so your messages can be presented without relying on notes, helping to keep the listener’s attention.

Facilitating and Icebreaking
Conferences with many speakers can sometimes lack structure. Why not use one of our actors to facilitate making making the transition between speakers and coffee breaks smooth!

We also have a broad range of icebreakers and energisers that can be tailored to your specific conference or training. Icebreakers are the perfect way for colleagues who don’t know one another to get to know each other on a personal level as well as learning about their positions in the company. They encourage groups to bond and work together effectively.

As well as being great fun energisers help mentally prepare a group for the training that lies ahead or indeed, re-energise individuals after a break.

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