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Real Action Roleplay


Real Action Roleplay

…the feedback from the class for all the role-plays on the last course was excellent for each and every one. Thanks again to all of you for providing such top class actors and ensuring the course was a success."

Government Organisation

Thanks very much … it went very well and you and your team were excellent. It has been good working with you and I hope we can do it again very soon. "

Sykes Fairbairn
HR Facilitation Training

Case Studies

Case study 1 – Team Management training

Problem - A large insurance firm was finding it hard to train new team managers to deal with staff issues, they wanted a way for them to learn these skills without being ‘thrown in at the deep end’

Solution – We liaised with the training department to put together a package for the company. This involved new management recruits going through a role-play training interview in which professional actors were used to create a range of scenarios for the trainee managers to deal with. These scenarios included the employee having high absenteeism, not hitting targets and personal problems. By using actors and giving extensive feedback after the roleplay scenario the management trainees were able to learn valuable lessons that they would not have in a normal situation.

Case Study 2 – Interview Training – One to One Assessments

Problem – A county police force required actors to participate in video interview training depicting a wide range of victim and witness role-play situations. These included portraying rape victims and people with specific disabilities.

Solution - Actor Factory Productions drew from it's wide range of experienced actors to fulfil the police’s requirements. All the role play characters were extensively researched before hand to add to the realism. We have both young and old actors of both genders to suit a wide variety of scenarios meaning the role-plays were more convincing.

The police used the actors to teach new officers a range of new skills including -how to deal with distressed people, how to question someone with learning difficulties and how to recognise body language.

Case Study 3 – Secret Shopping / Customer Service

Problem – A large local college suspected that, in some areas, HR staff may not have been delivering on the high standard of customer service expected of them. They wanted to focus their training on the specific areas that needed attention but found it difficult to monitor from a customer’s point of view what those areas were.

Solution – We provided actors to portray members of the public with specific queries for the college. The actors put in ‘real’ calls and visits to the HR department and then produced quality feedback reports on the way the queries were handled. This included the initial welcome, their tone of voice, the quality of information given and general helpfulness. The college was then able to see where they needed to focus their attention in training workshops.

Case Study 4 – Forum Theatre / Facilitation Training

Problem – A national training organisation had been asked by a major food company to train management staff in facilitation skills. The trainers wanted to demonstrate these skills to the participants using scenarios that they could relate to. They also wanted to find a way of avoiding role-playing with one person to keep the environment as relaxed as possible.

Solution – We scripted an ongoing 'meeting' scenario with characters notoriously difficult to facilitate. The participants were able to watch the scene and at certain key moments, the action froze, giving them the opportunity discuss in groups where they thought it was going wrong and how to facilitate to correct the situation. This gave colleagues a chance to exchange ideas with each other that they may not have previously.

Case Study 5 – Icebreaking & Facilitating

Problem – A housing association holds an annual conference where all 250 members of staff meet up to recognise the past year’s achievements. This year they wanted to find a way to make the morning feel celebratory as feedback after previous conferences was that the programme was uninspiring and rather humdrum.

Solution – After talking to management in depth, the Actor Factory Productions team devised creative icebreakers and energisers to break- up the morning. We provided actors that were able to facilitate the games and direct the conference in the right direction. An innovative game show was devised to recognise the individuals who had excelled in the past year. The response was phenomenal and everybody left smiling.

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