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Real Action Roleplay


Real Action Roleplay



Real ACTion Roleplay has now become part of Actor Factory Productions. Exactly the same company and people... just under a new name! This site is dedicated to our extensive work in Roleplay Training but if you were looking for entertainment for a Big Event or new ideas for innovative Team Building, please visit www.actorfactory.co.uk

We provide professional actors for corporate training, assessment and interview purposes ensuring that your employees get valuable time practicing realistic and relevant scenarios in a safe learning environment.

As well as role-playing our actors can also be called upon to facilitate icebreakers, undertake ‘Secret Shopping’ and assist in make training workshops creative and memorable.

We like to work hand-in-hand with a company to ensure that our services are relevant to specific company needs and are happy to provide tailored scripts and quality feedback after an event.

Have a look at our case - studies and the different services we provide and you’ll be amazed how effective it is using actors in business.



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